COFFEE ROASTING : The Gateway to Coffee Processed Products

Written by : Rizky Wiradinata

source : Tim Media Sosial Puslitkoka

Roasting is a combination of temperature and time to change the structure and chemical properties with heat treatment which aims to form a distinctive aroma and taste in brewed coffee. In the roasting process there is a reduction in the water content accompanied by the evaporation of volatile compounds contained in the coffee beans, so that when the roasting process takes place, the aroma of roasted coffee will smell. The determinants of the success of the coffee roasting process include time, temperature, machine and roaster operator.

Source : Bayu Setyo A

In general, the degree of roasting of coffee beans is divided into light (light), (medium) (dark). But as time goes by, the term is also known light to medium (between light and medium), medium to dark (between middle and dark) and Burn (through the dark so that the oil comes out of the surface of the roasted coffee beansi).

Roasting is the first step in downstream coffee processing, almost all processed coffee products are made from roasted coffee. Roasted coffee also has a selling value, but it should be noted that roasted coffee is susceptible to loss of aroma due to evaporation of volatile compounds during and after the roasting process. Various kinds of processed coffee products that originate from roasted coffee are ground coffee, instant coffee, ready-to-drink coffee and mixed coffee. Ground Coffee What is sold in the community is roasted coffee that has experienced a size reduction grinding. Soluble coffeemade from roasted coffee that has been extracted, then dried using the method freeze dried or spray dried. Ready-to-drink coffee is a drink made from roasted coffee concentrate made using the method Integrated Extraction Systemand the final product is packaged in plastic bottles, PET packaging or cans. Mixed coffee is a drink made from steeping coffee mixed with various ingredients, including milk, cream, chocolate and so on. There are many kinds of mixed coffee products around the world, including capucino, mochacino, latte, herbal coffee, long black (americano), red eye, irish coffee, and so on.