Puslitkoka, FIT Canada, and Lestari synergize to organize a Coffee Field Gathering with the theme “Climate Smart and Gender Friendly Coffee Planting System”

Coffee development in South Sulawesi, especially Tana Toraja, Enrekang, and North Toraja is currently being carried out to increase the sustainability of national coffee production. The collaboration between Puslitkoka, Lestari, and FIT Canada resulted in a Coffee Field Gathering entitled “Climate Smart and Gender Friendly Coffee Planting System” on February 9, 2022. This Field Meeting was held in order to disseminate coffee technology innovations to coffee business actors. This activity was attended by Haris Paridi as Assistant for Development Economics representing the Regent of Tana Toraja, Darmawan as Director of the Pangkajene Islands State Politani, Kabid. Plantation Office of Agriculture Tana Toraja Regency, Fitria Yuliasmara, Diany Faila S. H., Novie Pranata E. as Researcher of Puslitkoka, Rahman Dako and Riniaty Liku Bulawan from Persippi, Ophier Sumule as Academician of Hasanuddin University, Coordinator of BPP Gandangbatu Sillanan,
The Climate Change Adaptation and Environment (KAPABEL) Consortium Team,
Agricultural Extension Officer of UPT BPSDMP South Sulawesi province, Chairman of the KOPINTA Farmers Cooperative, Chairman of KUB Sarong Samaturu and 50 coffee farmers in the area. The hope of this activity is to strengthen networks among local coffee stakeholders so that they can strengthen the image of Indonesian coffee, especially Toraja.

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