lya aklimawati

  • Nama Lengkap: lya aklimawati
  • Tempat Lahir: Klaten
  • Tanggal Lahir: January 31th 1988

Personal Statement

A great inspiration of mine is to have a career that relating to social and economics field, particularly international and economic development. As a researcher, I have motivated to carry on into further education and to get some knowledge and additional understanding which are helping me to achieve my goal. My work experience as enumerator, private tutors and secretary has established myself to be a confident person, good communication skill both verbal and written, and problem solving skills on social situations. I also gained a competence in working as a part of a team and independently.


Major in Agribusiness, Social Economics Department. In this major, I learnt many subject about economic issues and economic affairs can impact on social, policy, environment and especially on agriculture commodities. The other optional areas of this study was microeconomics and macroeconomics theory, economic methods, mathematical modelling, econometrics, statistical techniques, accounting, forecasting, quantitative analysis, social relations and social interactions.

School / UniversityFacultyDisciplineGPAYear
Gadjah Mada University AgricultureAgribusiness3.802005-2009
Klaten 2nd High School -Natural Science-2002-2005
Jogonalan 1st Junior School---1999-2002
Muhammadiyah Elementary School---1993-1999
August 2009 – October 2009Computer Course in SMILE GROUP
May 2009 – June 2009 English Course in PBFEB UGM


1.Had been chosen as the best student in Social Economics Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Gadjah Mada University : August, 2009
2.PPA Fellowship (February 2009 – November 2009)
3.BBM Fellowship (September 2005 – August 2008)
1.Aklimawati, L. (2013). Potensi ekonomi kakao sebagai sumber pendapatan petani. Warta Pusat Penelitian Kopi dan Kakao Indonesia 25 (2) : 25-30
2.Aklimawati, L. (2013). Potensi ekonomi kakao sebagai sumber pendapatan petani. Warta Pusat Penelitian Kopi dan Kakao Indonesia 25 (2) : 25-30
3.Aklimawati, L. and T. Wahyudi (2013). Estimating the volatility of cocoa price return with ARCH and GARCH Models. Pelita Perkebunan 29 (2) : 142-158


Agricultural Land Conversion in Klaten Regency. This research was carried out at Klaten Regency. Through my research experience, I have gained a knowledge obtaining :

  • How to measure and interpret numerical data that are used to looking at the impact of agricultural land conversion on foodcrops production, income and job opportunity.
  • How to use statistical program with SPSS for analyzing the factors that affecting agricultural land conversion in Klaten Regency.
  • How to interpret and perform statistical analysis ouput for viewing the potential outcome of various econometric models.
1.2008-2010Coordinator of neighborhood youth association in Balerejo Village, Klaten
1.June, 2013 Participant on Training Course“Commodity Modelling with SAS-Program” held by PT. Riset Perkebunan Nusantara
2.September, 2012 Participant on Training Course“Sustainability Assessment by Using COSA (Committee on Sustainability Assessment) Methodology” at Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute
3.June, 2012 Participant on Training “Industrial Technology in Coffee Processing and Coffee Cuptest” held by Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute
4.April, 2012Participant in Workshop “Cocoa Flavor Analysis” held by Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute
5.November, 2007Participant in National Seminar “The role of Youth Generation in Global Climate Improvement” held by Forestry Management Department, Faculty of Forestry, Gadjah Mada University

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