Plagiotropic Clonal Cocoa (PCC) as a Choice of Superior Clonal Cocoa Planting Materials

The propagation of cocoa can be distinguished into generative and vegetative multiplication. Generative propagation generally uses seeds derived from seeds. Vegetative propagation or also commonly referred to as klonal propagation can be achieved through several ways, among others, connecting shoots, grafts, and cuttings. The propagation of clonal cocoa that is widely developed in today’s society is clonal with the connection of shoots. Clonal multiplication will provide a uniform crop, more stable production, and better disease resistance when compared to generative multiplication due to its similar nature to its parent. It is also the reason why the propagation of clonal is favored by planters.

Cocoa branch that is dimorphism means it has two forms of vegetative shoots, orthotrop and plagiotrop branches. Orthotrop branches that have upward growth and plagiotrop branches that have relative to side growth. This will provide the choice of planters to develop cocoa with the advantages of each of the two branches of cocoa. Currently, plagiotrop branches are widely used by cocoa planters to connect shoots as top stems due to the abundant availability of materials in the garden. Plagiotrop branch or also can be called fan branch or fruit branch studied by some researchers has precocity or formation of fruit faster. The age of the plant 2 years can already produce fruit to be harvested so as to give an idea that the plagiotrop branch can be used for planters who want to harvest their cocoa garden quickly.

The latest technology developed by Puslitkoka, namely PCC (Plagiotropic Clonal Cocoa) or Klonal Cocoa Plagiotrop. This clonal cocoa is derived from vegetative propagation that has the advantage of all the organs of clonal plants (roots, stems, leaves), do not use the stem down, quickly flowering and fruiting, habitus short plants, no false buds, can be mass produced, and its easy distribution. Through this multiplication, superior cocoa clones such as MCC 02, ICCRI 09, Sulawesi 01, and Sulawesi 02 can be mass-produced and can reach to a wider area. With the product of cocoa technology plagiotropic is expected to be an alternative planter in planting superior planting materials and increase national cocoa production through garden clonalization.