The Role of Puslitkoka in Postharvest Technical Guidance for Coffee in West Java to Target the Coffee Export Market

Puslitkoka was present in the implementation of post-coffee technical guidance which was held on 17-19 June 2021 at the Pangrango Sukabumi Resort. Puslitkoka is represented by postharvest researcher, M. Burhanuddin Fauzi.

The post-harvest technical guidance was carried out by the Director General of Processing and Marketing of Plantation Products attended by the Head of the Plantation Service of West Java and Central Java Provinces, several Heads of the Agriculture Service or those related to coffee commodities in the West Java Regency, as well as several farmer groups from various regions in Java. West.

In the technical guidance, postharvest technology, analysis of coffee bean quality according to SNI, analysis of farming, and profitability of downstream coffee product development were presented.