Trial of the UPH Primary Coffee Package with the Sintaro Farmers Group

Testing activities for primary coffee processing equipment and machines in Sindang Dataran, Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu with the Sintaro Farmers Group, Sintaro Perkasa Mandiri Production Cooperative and the PT Team. Api Mitra Palma – MEDCO Group. The machine tool package being tested is a machine tool package for wet process coffee processing. This trial activity will be held on 24-28 August 2021.

The trial was carried out using 5 tons of coffee cherries as raw materials. Congratulations on this trial process, the Equipment and Machine Technology Team of the Puslitkoka applies the standard SOP in order to produce the best quality coffee.

The process method is a wet process, where the coffee cherries are mined, the ripe coffee cherries are processed by a pulper machine, while the floating coffee cherries are processed by a dry process. Furthermore, after the pulping process, the next is the fermentation process for 12 hours, in this case the fermented coffee is Robusta coffee. The next process is washing with a washer machine then drying for 2 days and followed by a drying process with a dryer for 10 hours until the water content is safe for coffee storage, which is 12%.